Atmosphere models

„Do it the right way, the VIP way!“


Our beautiful and super friendly atmosphere team is ready to bring local experience and unforgettable experience to your Prague visit whether you are alone, with friends, colleagues or with family. We provide Atmosphere Models to accompany you, acting as your own “local guide”.

Their job is ensure that your day and night runs smoothly, personally walk you past nightclub lines, setting up bottle service with the best table in the house. Atmosphere model is there to make sure you receive the “royal treatment” and your trip is a success!

Models job is to create perfect atmosphere & make sure you have an unforgettable experience without stress.

  • Are you ready to enjoy the company of our elegant, beautiful and fun party animals?!!!
  • No group of guys should go out into the Prague’s nightlife empty-handed!
  • SELECT your own personal Atmosphere Model(s) who will:
  • PARTY with you!
  • Guide and walk you into clubs with NO WAITING lines!
  • Set up PERFECT bottle service!
  • Make sure your program runs SMOOTH with “royal treatment”

CONTACT US for choosing your sightseeing guides, party crew, fashion models, dining guides, hostesses, shopping guides, golfing, skiing, or horse riding buddies.

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Do you want party in Prague?

We take care of everything to make sure that you rest your mind, enjoy your stay, have fun, and never forget, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST!

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